Icarus ☵

Handmade 3-colour screenprint edition at (750 x 750 mm) on Somerset Velvet Black 280gsm archival cotton rag paper. Each piece is guilded with genuine 23.5 karat red gold leaf. Signed, titled & numbered /6 with /4 artist proofs.

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Icarus 3000

Handmade 5-colour screenprint edition at (750 x 750 mm) on hand-pressed Somerset Newsprint 250gsm archival cotton rag paper. Signed, titled & numbered /100.

Based on ‘Hedgehog Space’ mathematics - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog_space

*a splash.

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The Swimmer

‘Your skin is a portable ocean’

Handmade 4-pulls-of-blue silk-screen print edition at (380x380 mm) (15 x 15 inch) on hand-pressed Somerset Satin Tubsized 310 gsm cotton rag paper. Signed, titled & numbered /50.

*very pleased with the structuring and layering of the blues, the luminosity and depth is very apparent in the actual artwork.

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Europe Ozymandias

‘Any group, any civilisation, any world that did not run to seize the future and shape it was doomed to dust away, to become the past.’

‘My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

Handmade screenprint fine art edition (56 x 76 cm) on hand-pressed Somerset Velvet 250gsm archival rough-edged cotton rag paper. matte charcoal ink. Signed, titled & numbered /100.

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Too Many Faces

Artwork of oil paint, photographic collage and glass at (19 x 25 cm) Signed, titled & original 1/1.

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‘Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke.’

Handmade screenprint fine art edition at 56 x 76 cm on hand-pressed Somerset Velvet 250gsm archival rough-edged cotton rag paper. matte charcoal ink. Signed, titled & numbered /100.

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Escher’s Acid. Escher’s Nightmare.

Handmade 1-colour screenprint edition at (70 x 84 cm) on hand-pressed Light-grey 250gsm archival puur cotton rag paper. Signed, titled & numbered /25. Each piece is uniquely water damaged and distressed.

*As every piece of Escher’s Acid. Escher’s Nightmare. is unique, please understand you will recieve one selected by myself at random. If you wish to choose a specific piece, please email me. Thank you.

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Sculpted wax head, shattered and then photographed. The head was finally reassembled back to it’s original state. Sleep is fragile and temporary.
John Foxx & John Karborn. 2019

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Pleasure & Beauty - Spraypaint typography etched out by hand with a rusty nail on london street paving slab. By KARBORN + MOBSTR 2018. Thanks to James Duffy and Josh Jones for commissioning this piece for Retts Syndrome rettuk.org charity auction. £2000 - SOLD

The birth of the moon and her face. 

Theatre of Memory
£2500 SOLD

The alleys of your mind.

We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.

Cutting select sentences from BBC news articles is a good game. MOBSTR n KARBORN 2019. 

A face in oils and leaf.

To arrive back where we started and to really know that place for the first time

And like this we walked together, framed in orbs of electric light
I believe in vhs tapes, old books and vinyl records. I believe in using equipment in ways it was not designed to be used. I believe that the best delivery of an idea is the most efficient and the most immediate. I don’t believe you have to fill the space. I believe that you, the individual, will complete the work with me. I believe in the audience. I believe that an army of two is the most powerful set piece. I don’t believe in any group that will accept me as a member. I believe in rough, primal, eternal ideas. I don’t believe I care about politicans, celebrities or recogniseable individuals in artwork. I believe in shadows and silhouettes. I believe to be a great artist today that you must be an engineer, a poet, a publicist, a methematician, a carpenter, a criminal and perhaps you must even have a sense of humor. :) 

Why need i volumes? One word will suffice.

The Escape


No you don’t.
Formed plastics, foam, lithograph, tissue and marker pen on black mount. Original artwork in handmade frame.