Portrait Automatic

A collection of deconstructed, gravity-defying portrait sculptures - built from traditional fine-art materials, found objects and rubbish collected from the streets of London.

Each artwork is composed and assembled directly onto an A3 scanner and captured in a single exposure in other-worldly detail and resolution.

Once captured, the composition is broken down - and so exists only momentarily IRL before traversing eternally into the machine ether… Inspired conceptually in part by Metzger’s "Machine, Auto-Creative and Auto-Destructive Art" (1960s) as well as Jean Tinguely ‘Métamatic’ artworks (1950’s).

Theatre of Memory

Red Automatic III

Royal Nude

She’s a Liquid

Blue Metalhead

Love & Factory

Light Beam Michelangelo 31

Untrained, Instinctive and Feral