Evidence of Time Travel

The complete body of Evidence of Time Travel is composed of thousands of still photographs, animated GIF’s and dozens of music-scored films. Live performances of EOTT have taken place at venues including the BFI, London / The MONA, Tasmania / The Paradiso, Amsterdam. All music by John Foxx & Steve D’agostino also released on 12" Vinyl and Cd.

These artworks are laboriously built on unique and chaotic analogue machines. 

I was looking for you for such a long, long time. I couldn’t remember your name, but I could never forget your face.

I found you. but you were just a recording, a looping shadow of your former-self.

I began to realise that your words and movements coincided with those of a week ago… I can not explain this phenomenon.

The space inside any shape - A triangle, a square or a polygon - becomes a zone apart, separated from the rest of the world and containing its own unique possibilities.

The theory that the images have souls seems to be confirmed by the effects of the machine on persons, animals and vegetables used in the recordings.

I know now that she is dead, she lives only in this image, for which i do not exist. This truth is intolerable to me, i must find a way to be with her.

When i was ready, I turned on the recorders for the last time. I interpolated myself into all her photographs, I rehearsed every action tirelessly…

I studied what she says, and often inserted an appropriate sentence, so she appears to be answering me. I hope that we give the impression of being inseparable.

I can still see my image moving with her, anyone would surely believe we were in love and completely dependant on each other. I feel very tired.

I have arranged the records; the machine will now project the new week eternally…

The body is imaginary, and we bow to the tyranny of a phantom. Not only do we traverse a realm of shadows; we ourselves are shadows.

Unsupported now, my body and mind begin to disperse. However, the recording is immaculate and will run for eternity, we are finally together.



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