London artist.1985-2024.
evidence of time travel 

many different things built in many different ways. 

silkscreen, originals, 1/1s, editions


MOON:BEAM︎ (password: cicada)
︎︎︎The Rise & The Fall︎︎︎
The Wonderful Wobbulator Machine for Young and Old Alike

a broken time machine...

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Great Mother

40 x 41 CM
Edition /33 only

Handmade copper-plate itaglio aquatint print edition, gilded with real 23.5 karat red-gold leaf on Somerset White 650gsm archival cotton rag, edges are deckled (rough). Signed, titled & numbered.

*drops summer 2024
*shipping worldwide

Built with Lucie @ HEX in london,
Dedicated to my mother Patricia.

after Reverdin,
after Chatillion,
after Girodet in 1806,
Merci Photothèque @ MAH Genève.



collaboration built w/ john foxx.
sculpture in clay, photographed and worked up on sony trinitron CRT.

6frame. animated gif. karborn. london 2023.

taken into the ether by Triple X


︎ Icarus 4000  ︎

4-colour silkscreen print edition at (800 x 800 mm) on a unique batch of ultra-heavy Somerset Newsprint 600gsm!! archival cotton rag.
Signed, titled & numbered edition /80 only.
Built by KARBORN + Lucie @ HEX in London.

*Price includes shipping worldwide

NOTES: A top-drawer reprise of my 2019 Icarus edition at a larger size and on new, ultra-heavyweight cotton rag stock (only 300 sheets of this stock was ever made by Somerset), with a refined final build-down to silkscreen︎





xxx >>> <<< xxx

Dynamic blockchain-art edition. The artwork alternates dynamically between two animated .gif(s), triggered reactively by tracking the The Rise and Fall of ETHERIUM.

A new, liminal SisyphusΞ, one who has escaped the eternal sentence of The Gods and found a way into his own world; by casting down the accursed, prescribed rock and taking the Moon instead into his hands and rolling on…

Rise & Fall holders may choose to burn their cryptoart in return for both rise + fall artworks as silkscreen prints on Somerset black 280gsm cotton rag, finished by KARBORN with individual gouache colour-bars and guilded gold-leaf moon phases. Signed and titled by KARBORN.
It’s yours. BURN HERE >
(please note: for burns use ONLY metamask on a desktop computer.)

Each silkscreen edition is unique, with differing colour-bars and moon phases - in order to reflect the various frames in the animated gif.

ENOSIS and their remarkable new ERMIS protocol, allowing for postal address transmission encrypted fully on-chain.
Silkscreens built with LUCIE @ HEX.
Tokenomics w/ XERO @TAndhope.



The Observer Phenomenon

 'It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious soul of humankind that occupied me, still my inquiries were directed at the metaphysical, or in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the world.'
 – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

taken eternally into the ether by @jon_harry7



DNA 3.0


Digital Neural Architecture - MC Esher Frankenstein dream-feels in web3.0 *** 4754x4167 8-frame hi-res GIF animation supplied + NFT + Physical silkscreen 1/1 artwork 64x56cm - 2 layer print on black cotton rag 280gsm finished with hand-painted colour-bars by the artist, handmade in London. *** hyper-collage pixel-painting built in photoshop from scans of found etchings in European street-markets as well as archival scans of architectural designs, public domain material and stock etchings - all collaged, digitally repainted and brought to life.

taken eternally into the ether by Stateless.eth

*** I still believe in the utopian ideals set out by the early internet pioneers. I believe in the power of the underground to reinvent the world. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. The path less travelled can make all the difference. Select all, save and exi(s)t.


The Alleys of Your Mind

42 x 49.7 cm

Artwork drawn directly onto the machines - pixel painting x pointillism x digital/analogue CRT-TRINITRON hybrid.

taken eternally into the ether by @ArtOnInternet

Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind (1981 USA) - a brilliant rework of - Ultravox - Mr X (1980 UK)

The composition based in part on Saul Bass psychology textbook illustrations circa 1980s?

Cybotron recuts Ultravox and Karborn recuts Saul Bass in painted pixels. Thank you + acknowledgements to Cybotron. Saul Bass. Ultravox. John Foxx.


Night & Day...

thoughts and dreams shine out of your eyes as moonlight and sunbeams.

31 x 52.5 cm

Handmade silkscreen true-grain artwork gilded with real 23.5 karat red-gold leaf on superior black Somerset Satin 280gsm archival cotton rag. Signed, titled and numbered by the artist edition /33 only. Includes free shipping worldwide.

‘autographic’- The artwork is drawn with a wax crayon directly onto true-grain draughting film. This film is then used to expose the silk-screens for pulling the prints - resulting in a truly naturalistic, detailed handmade fine-art edition.
built with Lucie @ HEX in london


Impossible Anything Anytime

The Chaos Engine /
The Universe Outside The Body. 2021. 

59.4 x 42cm (A2)

Handmade true-grain single colour silkscreen print on superior black Somerset Satin 280gsm archival cotton rag. Signed, titled and numbered edition /50 only.

The artwork is drawn with a wax crayon directly onto true-grain draughting film. This film is then used to directly expose the silk-screens for screen-printing - resulting in a truly naturalistic, and totally analogue (no computers), brilliantly detailed handmade fine-art silkscreen print.

built with Lucie @ HEX in london


It’s Full of Stars

re-interpretation of Schinkels 1847 artwork-illustration ‘the magic flute’ / "Königin der Nacht". reworked masterfully from original hand-painted plates - scanned at very high resolution.

    The idea flew right out of my mind in an instant - projected the 0.000010561 of a mile to my eyes and a farther 0.000022990 of a mile to the tip of my nose...

    It then soared up and out 30,444 miles - right to the very edge of the Earth's stratosphere...

    At the speed of thought, it travelled 9,639,563,280 miles beyond the Earth's stratosphere and past Pluto, to the outer-limits of our solar system...

    A farther 5,584,694,104,524,427,000 and then out into deep space before exiting at the edge of our galaxy; The Milky Way...

    Burning very brightly now and white-hot it arrives 273,349,241,357,280,005,062,656 miles beyond the edge of our galaxy and at the far edge of the known Universe - where it finally settles...

    It is here that a thought may remain indefinitely, glowing as brightly as a star and waiting for others to join it, all glimmering together at the very edge of the Universe.

    ‘It’s Full of Stars’
     by karborn


The day the stars fell from the sky

59.4 x 42cm

A collage of a collage - Max Ernst’s 1934 cutup art-book ‘Une Semaine de Bonte’ reassembled + layered w/ many other original plates and etchings I collected - worked down onto layers of true-grain draughting film, bearing my fingerprints etc from inking and pasting.


built with Lucie @ HEX in london

︎ ︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎


110 x 170 cm

Collaboration by KARBORN + MOBSTR.

Large single colour silkscreen edition(s) on mirror glass. Available in RED or BLACK.

Signed and numbered edition /8.  
Artwork in handmade frame by the artists.

Available with either a BLACK or WHITE frame -  as desired.

Shipping worldwide in bespoke wooden crates. 




A Practical Guide to Walking Through Walls

24-page newspaper-print art zine

29 x 39 cm

Signed & numbered /300 

A portable guide to reality bending.

All the secrets of the world are inside - guaranteed! 24/7 access. Level 11. Call me (uk) 0795076316?  :) ;) :) #lofichaosartportaldreamsanytimeanyplaceevidencelondonundergroundfutureworldwideouterspaceinnerspace2222hahaha!

22 artworks at (29 x 39 cm) economically printed on ‘tabloid’ format newspaper. Signed and numbered. Printed in England. shipping worldwide.

- Double-page spread of hand-stamped ink artworks in the centre of the zine. Unique to each edition.

︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎ ︎︎

London 2050

A city underwater

50 x 50 cm signed and titled screenprint edition /50.

6 layer handmade screenprint on heavyweight superior white Somerset Satin 410gsm archival cotton rag.

£25 from each artwork sold is donated directly to

︎ ︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎

The Question Mark

A collaborative anti-gravity sculpture by MOBSTR + KARBORN.

Hand-made by the artists from a unique concrete composite, available in both raw concrete, or finished with ‘floated’ pigment - true International Klein Blue. 

‘International Klein Blue uses an completely matte, synthetic resin binder which suspends the color and allows the pigment to maintain as much of its original qualities and intensity of color as possible.’

The figure may be placed almost anywhere on the sculpture, upside-down or even side-ways. 

Signed & numbered Edition /20.
24 x 15 x 11cm.

*raw concrete edition vary from piece to piece.



The Dancer

T-shirts and Jungle mixtape collaboration by Sully + Karborn.

T-Shirts **

100% organic fair-trade cotton unisex t-shirts.
Artwork screen-printed by hand on reverse in London.
Black t-shirt tricolour print /
White t-shirt red print.
Includes selected unmixed .WAV music downloads by Sully.
Shipping worldwide. Edition of /60 only.



Audio Cassette **


Hand-stamped 28 mins audio artwork cassette.
Unreleased Sully productions / remixes.
Originally aired by Sherelle on BBC Radio 1 27/04/20.
Includes selected unmixed .WAV music downloads.   
Shipping worldwide. Edition of /50 only signed by the artists.



Fibonacci’s Dance

⁣76 x 31cm. ⁣⁣Serigraphy and 23.5 karat red gold leaf on handmade Somerset Velvet Black 280gsm archival cotton rag paper. Signed titled numbered edition /34.The lowest edge of the paper is deckled and untrimmed.



We walked and talked with the sun for a while 

4-colour screenprint edition at (750 x 350 mm) on hand-pressed Somerset Newsprint 250gsm archival cotton rag paper. Signed, titled & numbered /25. The lowest edge of the paper is deckled and untrimmed.



Europe Ozymandias

‘Any group, any civilisation, any world that did not run to seize the future and shape it was doomed to dust away, to become the past.’

‘My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

handmade screenprint fine art edition (56 x 76 cm) on hand-pressed Somerset Velvet 250gsm archival rough-edged cotton rag paper. matte charcoal ink. Signed, titled & numbered /100.


Between here and there

‘Collapsing Sentences’ collaboration between Mobstr and Karborn.

Spray paint and emulsion paint on wood 40 x 40cm. Edition /20 signed numbered and titled by the artists.




Anti-gravity and adaptable mixed-media sculpture edition by MOBSTR & KARBORN. Edition /10 only. 


Each letter measures apx 8 x 10 cm.


We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.

A face in oils and leaf.

To arrive back where we started and to really know that place for the first time

Sculpted wax head, shattered and reassembled to it’s original state. Sleep is fragile and temporary. John Foxx & John Karborn. 2019

No you don’t.
Formed plastics, foam, lithograph, tissue and marker pen on black mount.

Portrait Automatic

A collection of deconstructed, gravity-defying portrait sculptures - built from traditional fine-art materials, found objects and rubbish collected from the streets of London.

Each artwork is composed and assembled directly onto an A3 scanner and captured in a single exposure in other-worldly detail and resolution.

Once captured, the composition is broken down - and so exists only momentarily IRL before traversing eternally into the machine ether… Inspired conceptually in part by Metzger’s "Machine, Auto-Creative and Auto-Destructive Art" (1960s) as well as Jean Tinguely ‘Métamatic’ artworks (1950’s).

Theatre of Memory

Red Automatic III

Royal Nude

She’s a Liquid

Blue Metalhead

Love & Factory

Light Beam Michelangelo 31

Untrained, Instinctive and Feral